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Canada x Reader~ Goal!!!

~ One of the oneshots on my list by the doll, thebluestchu! Hope ya like! BTW not my pic~
    Cheers erupted from the stands, drowning out the sounds of the goal siren and filling the entire ice arena. You stood among the crowd of excited fans, cheering and clapping along as you watched your home team skate gracefully on the ice. People were shouting for various team members, all part of the fanbase. Though you were only interested in one player on the hockey field.
    "GO MATTIE!" 
    Even through the screams of fans and curses on the field Mathew could hear your voice calling to him. His lavender eyes scanned the large crowd, the lights making it hard to see, but he could still find your bouncing (h/c) hair and trademark smile through the darkness.
    He also saw his brother sitting next
:iconxxxnightdovexxx:XxXnightdoveXxX 404 65
I Swear I'm Up to No Good (England X Reader)
I Swear I’m Up to No Good (England X Reader) [One-Shot]
    A/N: Hey guys!! Yeah, I know its been over 3 weeks and I'm terribly sorry TT^TT The reason why was becuase it took a week for my computer to get fixed, then mid-terms came along and slammed me into no return (I'm still alive though XD) and then I got writer's block DX It's like the world doesn't want me to write or something because I literally started at least seven new reader-chan inserts (one of them being the third Act to Everlasting Mission) and I COULDN"T FINISH THEM!! My brain was like Nope! you can't write or come up with any ideas what so ever... -__- that was my life until now that is. :3 ANY-way, here's a funny reader-chan insert after all most of my have been nothing but feelz lately so I thought why not have something happy for once! ^w^
    So please do enjoy and don't be afraid to comment and/or fav!! Thank you!! :tighthug:

    Knocking on a c
:iconkibbles518:Kibbles518 385 222
Grumpy Sleeper (England x Reader)
Grumpy Sleeper (England x Reader)
Warning Cheeky brit ahead! Hope you Enjoy it :3
~~~(Name) POV~~~
You couldn't decide whether or not it was sad or adorable, the fact that the grumpy brit was also a grumpy sleeper. Like seriously did this guy ever smile unless it was for a cup of tea, his magical ‘Friends’ or if he was drunk?
You were on your way back to England after visiting Alfred in America and were on a plane with only a few people on it- curtsey of Alfred and his government. Arthur was snuggled up into a blanket with headphones on next to you fast asleep, his face was quite adorable all scrunched up in annoyance as if he had just bumped into Francis.
His bushy brows kept twitching every so often and the occasional sleepy slur would pass through his smooth lips as if he was grumbling to himself. You giggled quietly as he mumbled in his sleep
:iconrhythmicbeat:RhythmicBeat 755 100
Jealous!Canada x Reader: Cuddle Night
“Why have a bear when you have me?”
Category: Fluff, Humour(?)
Word Count: 1363
    Matthew always knew that, since he is the owner of the bear Kumajiro, he was never given the respect an owner deserved. Especially since every two seconds the stupid ball of fur would question who Matthew was. Usually, he wouldn’t refer to Kumajiro as an arrogant, selfish, little HAIRBALL. But then, he had the right since the bear was taking what was rightfully his.
    (Y/N)’s attention.
    Matthew couldn’t be any happier to have a girl like (Y/N) as his girlfriend. His dream and love ever since…a long time. However he always felt he was stuck with the best friend label. But somehow, (Y/N) loved him back. But the nervous Canadian didn’t have the bravery to confess to her, so it went against tradition with (Y/N) confessing to him with bright red cheeks. Darn, Matthew could relive that moment over and over again. But e
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 212 61
Germany x Reader: My Reluctant Love
Word Count: 2966

    Day 1:
    I have, genuinely no idea how to start writing a journal. Should I do the classical ‘Dear Diary/Journal’ start that is always done in the movies and books? Or do I just start writing my feelings with no particular beginning paragraph?
    This was all Feliciano’s idea. I don’t know why he asked me to do this though. I was just minding my own business, doing paperwork for my country when he bounded towards me with a book in his hand. He had that close-eyed smile again as he begged me to start a diary. I refused to until Italy changed the name of the ‘diary’ to a ‘journal’. But still, I have no idea what I am supposed to do. I asked Italy, and he just said to ‘write anything you feel like about your day’. I would have rather if he gave me a
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 61 6
The Blushing Potato (Jealous!Germany X Reader)
“Twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty!!”
You gasped and panted when you finally finished your stretches instructed by Ludwig, a close friend of yours for the past few months and he represents the country, Germany.
You came to his place for a morning exercise for a new change of pace and he kinda suggested this work-out routine for a very long time. But, so far, your work-out turned out great as the time passed by with your muscled German friend.
Sweat was trailing down your forehead but you managed to wipe them without hesitation even if your body is aching for just a second. Ludwig looked over to you and saw your condition with a slight concern written on his features. He grabbed a towel nearby and gave it you with a small smile curling on his lips.
“Oh, danke, Ludwig!!”, you thanked him in his native language while returning the smile that he have given you.
A blush was present on his cheeks as he heard your response and slightly looked away from you while
:iconmegablazethecat:MegaBlazethecat 60 7
Hetalia (Secret Santa) by Yvie-Chan Hetalia (Secret Santa) :iconyvie-chan:Yvie-Chan 4 2 [MMD]Hetalia-Italy and Germany by Larisa753 [MMD]Hetalia-Italy and Germany :iconlarisa753:Larisa753 4 0 Germany Pastel Stamp by AlinaWinter Germany Pastel Stamp :iconalinawinter:AlinaWinter 25 4 Germany by Grubbysheeps Germany :icongrubbysheeps:Grubbysheeps 18 0 i'm tired by PiemationsArt i'm tired :iconpiemationsart:PiemationsArt 1,077 157 Payaso clown fanart by Carlos-MP Payaso clown fanart :iconcarlos-mp:Carlos-MP 69 8 Rose by ChanceyB Rose :iconchanceyb:ChanceyB 201 48 Unicorn Frappuccino by PixelKitties Unicorn Frappuccino :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 908 115 Twilight's Choice by Lopoddity Twilight's Choice :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 5,151 301 170419 Foxy Bundae by fablefire 170419 Foxy Bundae :iconfablefire:fablefire 94 2

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I am almost never not sick.

So, yeah. I have the flu :/

Or it's just a cold and I'm overreacting

Either way, I'm terribly sick.
It's exam week

I'm stressing so much I think I'm gonna cry
Why now?

It's like...

...The middle of July...


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United States
Hi there. You can call me "Jazz" if you'd like.

I'm 15 years old and I like Youtube, Music, Undertale and Bands. I'm pretty awkward at first but still willing to talk, in case you want to be friends. I enjoy roleplays and such.

I'm trying to create an Undertale AU called Prologuetale.

I also like memes and I am a Pisces.

That's all for now, I guess.



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